TrueTwit FAQ

How can I cancel?

Log into your account and click Cancel Account. Do not use an email address or begin your username with ‘@’.

Help! I can’t remember my password!

Not a problem. Click “Login”, then click the link after “Forgot your password?” Fill in your Twitter Username, complete the Captcha, then click “Reset”. We will send instructions to the email address you gave us when you registered. When you login, do not use an email address or begin your username with ‘@’.

My new followers don’t show up on my “Manage Followers List”!

You may get new followers on Twitter who don’t show up right away in your “Manage Follower List”. This is because Twitter limits the number of times we can update your follower information during a given day. Because we can’t access this information in real time, your TrueTwit Manage Follower List will lag behind Twitter’s by several hours.

What is TrueTwit Premium?

TrueTwit Premium builds on the follower management in TrueTwit Basic by doing an in-depth, automated analysis of your followers and their tweets. It has the following features:

  1. No direct messaging of new followers.
  2. Access to our Follower Analysis page which summarizes the status of your followers.
  3. TrueTwit Premium costs only $20.00 per year, but you can try it free for 30 days. At any time, you can downgrade to TrueTwit Basic for a full refund of any unused portion of your subscription.

Note that if your TrueTwit Premium trial expires, and you don’t cancel, your account will automatically be downgraded to TrueTwit Basic. TrueTwit Basic will start sending validation request DMs (direct messages) to your new followers.

What do I do if I have multiple Twitter accounts?

We are considering adding the ability to manage multiple accounts in a future release.  For the time being, you can create a TrueTwit account for each Twitter account.

How do I upgrade from TrueTwit Basic to TrueTwit Premium?

Click on the “Sign Up for Premium Service” on the left hand menu.

Can I downgrade from TrueTwit Premium to TrueTwit Basic?

Yes – Simply follow the instructions after clicking on the “Cancel Service” menu option.

Can I opt out of having validation request DMs sent to my new followers?

Yes. If you sign up for TrueTwit Premium no direct messages are sent on your behalf.  If you are TrueTwit Basic user, a new follower who you aren’t already following and who is not already a TrueTwit user will get sent a validation request.

Help!! If someone doesn’t complete the validation request, they won’t be able to follow me!!

Nope. Not at all. TrueTwit doesn’t prevent you from following anyone, nor do we stop anyone from following you. If someone doesn’t complete the validation request, they can still follow you.

In fact, if you follow someone first, and they follow you back, they’re not even sent a validation request.

I like this idea, but I don’t want to force my new followers to have to sign up for TrueTwit!

Well, we’d like them to sign up, but that certainly isn’t required. All your follower has to do is click the link on the validation request, successfully complete the captcha, and they are considered validated.

If I validate once, am I good forever?

No. Each time you follow a TrueTwit user, you will receive a validation request, unless you yourself are a TrueTwit user, or that user is already following you.

I know after a new follower follows me, they will receive a validation request, but what happens if they don’t respond? Will they be blocked until they are validated or can they still follow me?

If someone doesn’t respond to the validation request, they will show up on the Manage Followers page as not having verified, but they will not be blocked.

Twitter allows anyone to follow anyone else, and there isn’t much TrueTwit can do about it. However what we can do is help you decide whether or not to follow or block someone.

TrueTwit says it cannot find me as a follower! You’re not saying I’m a spammer, are you?

No! No way! TrueTwit doesn’t make any kind of judgment as to whether or not anyone is or is not or may be or may not be a spammer. What we do for our TrueTwit Basic customers is send a validation request to a new follower asking that he or she click on the link to go to a page to fill out a captcha. A human can do that, a bot cannot.  TrueTwit Premium customers are able to see our analysis of your tweets and follower to following ratio.  But TrueTwit does not make a judgment that a particular Twitter user is a spammer (or not).  That is up to you!

Sometimes, however, after a validation request gets sent but before the link is clicked, the user cancels, and the account is deleted.

TrueTwit says I am a spammer!

TrueTwit does not know if you are a spammer (or not). TrueTwit just analyzes your posts to see if they have commercial content, adult content, or appear to be from an automated user.  TrueTwit only helps people decide whether to follow you or not.

Can I customize the text of the validation request?

Yep, you sure can. After you login, click ‘Edit Account Info’, check the box next to ‘Use custom text for your validation direct message?’, fill in your message, then click ‘Save Settings’

Help! I entered the wrong email address for the activation email! How can I change it?

I never got the activation email! I need another one sent!

Click the Login button, then click the link after ‘Email issues? Didn’t receive activation email?’, and enter the username and password you supplied at the time you registered. Even though you haven’t activated yet, you have a limited login capability to change your email, and or ask that a new activation email be sent to you.

If after this, you still are not getting the email, it is probably because of your spam settings, so check your Spam folder.

Is my profile secure?

Yes. We do not collect your twitter password and your TrueTwit password is encrypted with 128 bit AES encryption.

How do I manage followers?

TrueTwit is geared more towards managing folks who begin to follow you after you sign up. When you sign up, we do not fetch all of your existing followers, just a base line (approximately 40 of the most recent) that we use to determine who your new followers are. If you have more followers than this at the time you sign up, the list won’t include all of them. However, if you want to send any of these existing followers a validation request, you can do it manually from the ‘Manage Followers’ page.

How do I stop having to verify CAPTCHA requests?

Become a user! By signing up, every time you follow a user you will be automatically validated.

When I sign up, why do I get redirected to Twitter?

TrueTwit uses a new account authorization standard called OAuth. The advantage of OAuth to you is that you don’t have to give TrueTwit your Twitter password. With OAuth, TrueTwit can verify in a safe and secure way that you are the person who has access to your Twitter account. So please, when you sign up, go through all of the steps and make sure you authorize TrueTwit to access your Twitter account. You can always cancel your account later and TrueTwit will have OAuth privileges revoked on your account. You can also go to your Twitter account at any time and de-authorize TrueTwit’s access.  Only you possess your Twitter password.  It is not stored in TrueTwit.

Would you please activate my Twitter account? Help!! I can’t log into my Twitter account!! Twitter has suspended me! What did you do?

We have no connection with Twitter in any manner. Any questions about activating or logging into your Twitter account should be directed to them.

Also, nothing we do has anything to do with a Twitter account being suspended. If that happens, it’s usually because Twitter thinks there’s been a violation of the Terms of Service agreement. Again, you have to contact Twitter.

How do I suggest new features?

During beta testing please email info at with any comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. We will have a contact form on the site soon.

Help! A spammer got validated!

If a spammer is human, they will get through. The point of TrueTwit is to eliminate automated spam software from grabbing your attention. But as for now, if a user successfully fills out the CAPTCHA, they will be validated. We will be implementing a new feature to help with this issue in the future

Email issues? Didn’t receive activation email?Email issues? Didn’t receive activation email?