New Premium Features

October 14th, 2010

A big part of the new TrueTwit site is the new set of features for our Premium users.  In our opinion, these features make TrueTwit a better value for your money.  If you agree, we encourage you to subscribe.  If you are not a TrueTwit user, you can sign up at  If you are a TrueTwit user, you can sign up by logging on and clicking on the TrueTwit Premium link on the upper left.  It is only $20 per year.

Enough of the marketing, here is what we have added.

New Profanity Ranking

Many folks don’t like to see profanity in their twitter stream.  Others may not think it is a big deal.  Our goal at TrueTwit is to help you decide if you want to follow someone or not on Twitter.  To help you decide, we have added a Profanity ranking to our Follower Ranking process.  This will appear as a Profanity score for a given user.  Profanity ranks will take a while to be added to all 2.7 million followers, so be patient.  But if you can’t wait, check out the “Check Profile” feature.

Check Profile

Let’s say you are wandering around on the Net and you find the Twitter handle of a person you think you might want to follow.  But you aren’t sure because you have no idea who this person really is.  The “Check Profile” feature can help!  All you need to do is log on to your TrueTwit Premium account and click on the “Check Profile” button.  Enter the person’s handle and you will get an instant ranking of the Twitter handle’s tweets plus a sampling of their twitter feed.  Then you can follow or unfollow depending on what you think of that user.

Check Profile Page for a Random User

Check Profile for a Random User

Tweets for a Random Twitter User

Tweets for a Random Twitter user