Twitter Issues

September 23rd, 2010

We have been experiencing several issues with Twitter today. We have notified them of the problem, but at this point, we have no idea when this might be resolved.

We will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience.

TrueTwit for iPhone released

September 9th, 2010

We are happy to report that Apple has approved the release of TrueTwit for iPhone.  This application can be found at

TrueTwit for iPhone helps you to manage your Twitter followers using TrueTwit while on the go.  It is free (ad supported) so go check it out!

Database Maintenance

September 7th, 2010

TrueTwit will be down for a bit this evening for a little bit o’ database performance tuning.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience but oh boy when we’re done!

UPDATE: All set. Good to go.

TrueTwit Updates/Maintenance

September 6th, 2010

TrueTwit will be down periodically today for upgrades and site maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience!


July 19th, 2010

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Issues with Twitter

July 1st, 2010

This morning at around 3:45AM, US Central, the SSL certificate Twitter was using for authentication appears to have expired. As far as our servers were concerned, this changed Twitter from a trusted to an untrusted connection, and for security purposes, they refused to connect.

We have notified Twitter of the problem, and have implemented a temporary fix until this is corrected.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Back To Normal

June 29th, 2010

TrueTwit had some technical issues today which kept us off the air for a few hours. The issue has been addressed, so all’s back to normal.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


June 9th, 2010

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New version of TrueTwit released today

May 7th, 2010


We are deploying a new version of TrueTwit today.  This version will resolve the issues caused by Twitter’s API bug from Wednesday.  Since we have to do a deploy and take some downtime, we figured, what the heck, we are going to release some new features for TrueTwit Premium users.  Here is the skinny on the new stuff.

  • You can now subscribe to TrueTwit Premium using Paypal and Google checkout.
  • We have a new Premium subscriber dashboard with cool dials showing rankings and follower trends for your Twitter account.
  • Premium subscribers can now see retweets in the Premium Dashboard
  • Premium subscribers have see what other people are saying about them in the Buzz section of the Premium dashboard.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

The TrueTwit Team

Twitter API causing technical difficulties

May 6th, 2010

TrueTwit is experiencing technical difficulties due to a bug in the Twitter API.  This bug is affecting TrueTwit’s ability to access Twitter to obtain follower lists.  We are not the only site affected – apparently the bug is breaking other applications.  Those who are interested in technical details can follow the fun on the Twitter Development Forum posting.

This bug unfortunately means that new users can not sign up for TrueTwit.  Judging from the entries on the Twitter Development Forum, a fix should be made shortly.  We will keep you posted on further developments.