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Stop wasting time with spammers on twitter.
We will validate your followers so you don't have to.

Twitter spam is a drag. What if you could know for sure that your followers are truly human, and not some bot? TrueTwit is designed to help you:
  • Verify people from robots
  • Avoid Twitter spam
  • Save time managing your followers
There are two versions:
Premium Upgrade
TrueTwit Premium builds on the follower management in TrueTwit Basic by doing an in-depth, automated analysis of your followers and their tweets, and has the following features:
  1. No direct messaging of new followers.
  2. Access to our Follower Analysis page which summarizes the status of your followers.
  3. Free 30-day, no obligation trial. After that, a subscription is only $20.00 per year.

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TrueTwit Basic
By signing up now for TrueTwit Basic, all of your new followers are sent a validation request via direct message. If your follower successfully completes the CAPTCHA (or is already a TrueTwit user), you are sent an email indicating they are a TrueTwit-validated human!
  1. TrueTwit Basic is free for as long as you are a user.
  2. You can take our Premium version for a 30-day trial spin at any time.

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Feel free to check out our release notes: TrueTwit Android Premium, another for TrueTwit Android Basic, and TrueTwit iOS.

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